City of Parramatta Infographics

City of Parramatta Infographics
November 22, 2017 jordan

Continuing on from the original infographics commissioned by the City of Parramatta Council, the latest round features much more complex illustrated data. To maintain continuity with the previous rounds I retained the 3D isometric vector tiles, along with the Parramatta cityscape banner. The creative development in this third round was the introduction of classic infographic elements to clearly communicate and illustrate more complex data than we’ve ever included before.

This main graphic in the Disability Inclusion infographic features a classic ‘bubble’ style. Decreasing numbers are shown as respectively smaller bubbles. The overlaying and transparency of the bubbles adds visual interest. Little icons illustrate the specific topics associated with each number in the data set. As previously I created a custom colour palette for this infographic. Varying tints for each bubble keep the colours on theme, but allow for differentiation between bubbles and topics.

This main graphic (left) for the Operational Plan is perhaps the most complex infographic design so far. The order this wealth of information I used a split graph style with labels indicating the most important and highest performing topics to the top right, and lower importance and performance topics to the bottom left. Simple icons illustrate the topics, each with its own colour dictated by the infographic colour palette. Detailed labels for each icon are positioned adjacent to each section.

The Reconciliation Action Plan infographic was less to do with numbers and more about action and relations. I created an engaging and friendly graphic illustrating what the community has asked for and how the council has responded. Each topic was illustrated with flat vector graphics.

An illustrated infographic is a great way to communicate complex concepts or data to your audience. If you would like help with infographics for your business or organisation, contact me today for a quote!