Infographics for George Clinical

Infographics for George Clinical
November 9, 2017 jordan

One of my recent infographic designs for George Clinical, for their pharmacovigilance services. There was ample space above the information within the tri-fold flyer to illustrate how George Clinical oversees the clinical trial process. It was important to communicate that GC offers end-to-end medical oversight for all key points of the clinical trial life cycle and beyond.

To do this I created a timeline style infographic, with illustrated ‘plates’ for each Phase in the clinical trial life cycle. To add interest I wound the timeline around the plates, much like a typical transport map, further adding to the concept of a journey from beginning to end.

I alternated between flat and isometric graphic illustration styles to add visual variety. The isometric figures are elements I included in previous work for George Clinical. Including them creates continuity with the graphics work George Clinical already uses, strengthening the overall brand. They also add a fun twist to the concept of pharmacovigilance – with figures looking over the whole life cycle timeline, in safety boats within the life cycle, and at various key points.

The timeline ends with an arrow to communicate that George Clinical provides services beyond the clinical trial life cycle. Icons at the beginning further reinforce concepts of safety, oversight and protection.

A tri-fold flyer is an easy and affordable way to promote your business and services. Keeping your copy short and sweet with an infographic to accompany it ensures your flyer is an effective promotional tool. If you would like help with infographics or a flyer design, contact me today for a quote!