• Nov222017

    City of Parramatta Infographics

    Continuing on from the original infographics commissioned by the City of Parramatta Council, the latest round features much more complex…

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  • Nov212017

    Inspiration Carousel – Jenny Watson

    Flicking through my photos recently I came across these snaps from Jenny Watson’s retrospective show at the MCA from a few…

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  • Nov092017

    Infographics for George Clinical

    One of my recent infographic designs for George Clinical, for their pharmacovigilance services. There was ample space above the information…

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  • Oct112017

    Behind the Scenes

    Working away in the studio. Follow me on Instagram for more behind the scenes…

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  • Oct112017

    Merpire – Patches

    Juicy lil patches for Sydney artist Merpire to mark the release of her single ‘Holding Breath’. These are 3 inch diameter,…

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  • Aug152016

    Moo Skully

    After seeing the Dark Night solo show artworks, the client commissioned a piece in a similar style. The only direction…

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  • Jul132016

    Inspiration Carousel – July

    The past few weeks I’ve been mulling on new directions to push my embroidery work. I quite often have a mood in my head that I want to express, and plenty of oddball things that catch my interest. Combining them into intricately detailed artworks has been my signature style these past few years, but I’ve really wanted to develop this style further and push my comfort zones.

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  • Jul082016

    Studio Shoot

    I had the privilege of inviting Sydney photographer Reece McMillan to my studio recently to take some photos of me…

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  • Jun152016

    Headmiles – Christine Jane

    Sydney indie singer/songwriter Christine Jane launched her second album last year and asked me to design the packaging. This was…

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  • Jan072016


    Oh hey there good lookin’! You’re lookin’ mighty fresh and fine. (Don’t worry, I’m just talking to my brand spanking…

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