The Design Process

The Design Process
January 11, 2018 jordan

If you regularly commission graphic design work you’ll know that there is a general process that most designers follow. I’m not too different! However, I do use the project management software Panorama  through my website to keep track of all paperwork, proposals and drafts, as well as comments and feedback. If you’re not familiar with Panorama, or the design process in general, I’ve outlined the basics below to help you get started!

Getting Started

  1. Most clients will contact me via email requesting a quotation. I will provide a quotation (along with a copy of my basic Terms & Conditions) within 24 hours based on the information you can give me. The more info and examples of what you do and don’t like that you can provide at the beginning the better! Sorting out exactly what you want at the start generally avoids the risk of endless changes later. If you are unsure about exact specs, we can chat to see if I can help.
  2. Upon approval of the quotation I’ll draw up a basic Schedule & Agreement. This outlines the details of the project and key dates. It acts like a contract between you and me!
  3. Sign the Agreement and send it back. I’ll then send you login details to your Project HQ.


Your Project HQ

There are short descriptions in each Phase, detailing what usually happens during that stage. Below you’ll find drop down menus with Tasks, Documents and a Discussion box.

  • Tasks – are checkboxes that you, the client, need to tick off to progress the project forward. Tasks could be things like payments and approvals.
  • Documents – this is where I post links to relevant documents for each Phase. Things like the concept proposals, drafts and invoices. You also have the option to upload documents yourself if you need to.
  • Discussion – post your feedback and comments here. I recommend keeping all correspondence (where possible) to these discussion areas, rather than email. This ensures that both parties can keep track of feedback, requests, changes etc (especially when we have more than 1 project on the go – no missing emails!). You’ll receive an email notification whenever a comment is posted to a discussion, so you never miss a thing.

Phase 1: Briefing

Let’s get started! Here’s what happens during Phase 1:

  1. Tasks: a 50% deposit is required to activate the project.
  2. Documents: first invoice, plus a copy of the creative brief.

Phase 2: Conceptualisation

  1. Documents: a Concept Proposal with 2 concepts will be posted here.
  2. Tasks: select your favourite concept!
  3. Discussion: post a comment in the discussion box to indicate your selection. This gives me the go-ahead to refine the artwork towards…

Phase 3: First Draft Presentation

  1. Documents: a First Draft will be posted here.
  2. Tasks + Discussion: approval/feedback. If you are happy with the design or would like to make minor adjustments (up to 2 rounds), please comment in the discussion box.
  3. 2 rounds of minor adjustments are included in your quotation. If you need additional adjustments or require major changes, these are charged at my overtime hourly rate (details in the Schedule & Agreement). 

Phase 4: Final Artwork Presentation

  1. Documents: a lo-res version of the final artwork will be posted here.
  2. Tasks + Discussion: to sign-off on the project, just comment in the discussion tab below.
  3. Documents: final invoice.
  4. Tasks: final payment is required before delivery of the final design files.
  5. Delivery: once payment clears, I’ll deliver the design files as per our Agreement. Hurrah!


As easy as that! Contact me today to enquire about your design needs.